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Visited an old time, famous wantan mee shop in Petaling St. Hadn’t been there for years, since I was but a wee apprentice.

The shop has been there for years and years (since 1942 apparently – that’s pre-independence!) and only sells this noodle. Very popular especially among the old generation who fill the shop at lunch time, and the younger crowd, some discovering it for the first time.

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I was preparing vegetables for making vegetable stock today when I thought about what I’d do with the veges once I was done with them.

Logically and practically, I’ll be tossing them out once I’m done. I can’t imagine that there’s any nutrients left in the veges once they’ve been boiled out of their brains. When I made chicken stock, I stripped the bones at the end, of whatever little meat there was left on it. That said, they didn’t taste good anymore.

So, logically, I’ll be tossing the veges once my stock is done. But if anyone has ideas then feel free to share.


Vishal Food & Catering @ Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur

Ok, I feel cheated.

I went to Brickfields a few months ago, looking for banana leaf rice, and I found it. But you know what? IT WAS NOT THE ONE I ORIGINALLY WANTED!


banana leaf rice

What happened? Well, I went to one called Vishalatchi which I thoroughly enjoyed, if I might say so. But when I wanted to take a friend to try it a few days ago, I suddenly noticed this one - Vishal Food & Catering. Suddenly I realised. THIS was the one I had originally wanted to try! I knew the name wasn’t as long as that. Meh…

It is located in the middle of a row of shops, a row before the other one, and is literally just 3 shops away. How not to get confused?! :P But I went there because a) I saw it b) at 7pm there were patrons in this one when there was none in the other shop and c) I wanted to see what was different.

My verdict?

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